Adding a livestream fundraising video to your QSite makes any event more engaging—whether your guests are at an in-person gala, enjoying an outdoor venue, watching from home, or anywhere in the world!

Qtego makes it easy to embed a livestream fundraising video on your QSite—the personalized bidding website that includes all of your Qtego tools—while you run in-person or online auctions, take donations, and give guests the opportunity to interact with real-time chat.

A livestream fundraising video brings your guests together, wherever they are.

Now your supporters can participate in your event whether they attend in-person or remotely. Your QSite keeps all bidding and donation activity on one screen, which gives guests more freedom to mingle, interact with guests who aren’t attending in person, and enjoy all that your event has to offer.

Thanks to the video feed embedded in your QSite, your supporter community is immediately immersed in your cause. They see your faces, hear your stories, and connect with your story in a seamless way, wherever they are at your venue or in the world.

Livestream Fundraising Video on Tablet Qtego

Embedding a livestream fundraising video elevates any event.

Interactive – Use an auctioneer, add a real-time donation crawler, and let everyone know about raffles and auction items. Guests follow the livestream and engage in friendly competition as they bid, give, and interact—even if they are spread across the golf course, chatting at the bar, or stuck in a hotel on a last-minute business trip.

EngagingThink of Qtego’s livestream fundraising video feature as your virtual stage! Rally guests to your cause, feature entertainment, tell high-impact stories, and more. There’s no need to make it a big production if you don’t want to—you can use a mix of your existing video archive, real-time footage, live interviews, or whatever else fits your goals.

Profitable – Adding a livestream fundraising video to your QSite allows you to reach more people with your message and cultivate a much wider pool of donors. You may charge less for a ticket to a virtual event than you do for your in-person gala, but you can invite as many people as you want, regardless of where they live! With Qtego Livestream, you broaden your pool of guests to reach new potential donors while deepening your connection with regular supporters.


Qtego brings virtual fundraising to life.

When you use a QSite to keep your auction and donation tools and a livestream fundraising video on one page, you transform any type of fundraising event into a more interactive, modern experience. Everything is streamlined for your guests, who stay entertained and inspired to bid, donate, and identify with your cause. And with a livestream fundraising video embedded on your QSite, you can cultivate a wider audience than ever before.

Don’t let distance or distraction cause you to lose touch. Qtego’s QSite expands the power of real-time connection.

Qtego helps you reimagine fundraising for a digital world.

Qtego is part of your team. We combine technical savvy with expert creativity to help our non-profit partners continue to raise money for their causes in a rapidly changing environment. The world needs your work. Qtego can help.