Livestream Tickets for Exclusive Access

You sell ticket for your in-person event. Now Qtego can help you offer virtual ticketing, too.

We make it easy to create a sophisticated livestream fundraising event that keeps guests engaged and helps you raise more money. With Qtego’s secure virtual ticketing you get all the benefits of a livestream without losing ticket revenue!

Virtual ticketing benefits:

  • Avoid selling out your event
  • Invite guests from out of the area
  • Stop worrying about bad weather cancellations
  • Expand past venue space limitations
  • Include guests who are older or high-risk
  • Stay compliant with health regulations
  • Add an exclusive aspect to your live stream
  • Offer in-person and virtual event tickets at different price points for hybrid events.

Virtual ticketing makes your livestream more exclusive and gives you all new options for your fundraising events.

How Qtego Livestream Tickets Work.

  1. Your guests purchase a virtual event ticket to your exclusive livestream.
    • Offer tiered pricing if you have a livestream and an in-person option for the event
    • Give guests the option of adding a small percentage to help offset administrative costs
  2. E-ticket receipts include exclusive codes to access your livestream, which guests use to register with Qtego and view your event.
  3. Guests get streamlined, one-click access to your event without having to create additional accounts, download anything, or keep track of multiple links.
Why Qtego Virtual Ticketing Works - Guests love Qtego livestream fundraising events!

Why Qtego Virtual Ticketing Works

Guests love Qtego livestream fundraising events because they’re fun, interactive, and engaging. Non-profits love them because they’re so successful!

With livestream tickets, you introduce the same exclusivity your supporters enjoy at in-person events, capitalize on celebrity guests, and offer premium programming, while raising more money for your cause.

Why Qtego Virtual Ticketing Works - Guests love Qtego livestream fundraising events!

How to use livestream tickets for a hybrid event

Qtego’s virtual ticketing gives you more flexibility for hybrid fundraising events—when some guests join you in-person at the venue, and others participate via the livestream at home.

  1. All of your guests purchase tickets from your Qtego ticket page and select the type of ticket they prefer: in-person or livestream.
  2. Consider tiered pricing for different types of tickets.
  3. Offer VIP add-ons, like special break-out sessions or cocktail hours.
  4. Give guests the option to add a small percentage to their ticket price to offset administrative costs.

Best of all, with virtual ticketing it’s simple to keep track of your guest list. Use your QSite to interact with livestream guests in real-time during the event, and manage in-person check-in, bidding, and giving from your all-in-one QView screen.

Any time you offer a livestream—as a stand-alone event or in addition to an in-person option—Qtego virtual ticketing helps you take your event to the next level.

From brainstorming to troubleshooting to remote event service, Qtego is part of your team. We help you turn your fundraising imagination into reality