In-Person Event + Livestream Option
= Your Fundraising Party in Parallel

The goal of a hybrid fundraising event is a parallel experience—with some guests attending in-person at your venue, and others participating through your livestream. Hybrid events are a creative way to make the most of unpredictable circumstances! Qtego integrates new technology into one streamlined platform, so your organization can be ready for anything. A hybrid fundraising event allows you to enjoy the value and impact of in-person connection with the peace of mind that comes from having a real-time livestream option.

What is a hybrid fundraising event?

A hybrid fundraising event combines two experiences of the same fundraising party: some guests attend in-person and others enjoy a livestream of the event from their homes. Using an integrated fundraising event platform can help.

Why do a hybrid fundraising event?

  • Never sell out your event, even if venue size is limited

  • Invite guests from out of the area

  • Have a backup for outdoor events in case of bad weather

  • Include guests who are older or high-risk

  • Stay compliant with health regulations

What does success look like?

With Qtego, guests attending your hybrid fundraising event in-person and guests watching the livestream are all active and engaged. Qtego offers a seamless, integrated experience designed to build connection and raise your profits.

In-Person Guests

Hybrid Fundraising Event - In-person guests
  • Attend at the venue

  • Maintain social distance

  • Watch the program live

  • Enjoy silent auction, raffles, giving

  • Purchase event tickets

Livestream Guests

Hybrid Fundraising Event - At-home guests
  • Attend virtually

  • Avoid crowd or location issues

  • Participate in real-time streaming

  • Get same bidding/giving/interaction

  • Virtual fundraising tickets optional

No matter where they are, Qtego helps your guests connect with your cause with our sophisticated—yet user-friendly—interface.  With Qtego, it’s as easy and enjoyable to attend an event over livestream as it is to be there in person.

“This is incredible.”

-experienced auctioneer, when seeing Qtego’s integrated QSite for the first time

Should you use virtual fundraising tickets?

If you want to keep your event exclusive, Qtego makes it easy to allow access to the livestream portion of your event through a streaming code.

  • Keep pricing flexible. You can charge the same amount for in-person and livestream tickets or use tiered pricing to allow guests to choose different levels of activity.
  • Encourage engagement. With a virtual fundraising ticket, guests get an exclusive link to your QSite—an all-in-one page featuring your livestream, bidding, donation, and other activities—increasing the odds that they will bid, donate, and interact during your livestream.
  • Build your donor database. Virtual tickets let you know who is watching your livestream, so you can follow up and cultivate that interest in your cause after the event. It’s a great way to support your virtual donor cultivation efforts.

How do you manage the guest experience at a hybrid fundraising event?

Although your in-person and at-home guests are attending the same party, the minute-by-minute activity of the in-person event and the livestream event will look different.

  • Planning: Planning for virtual events looks a little different. You might plan your core content for a segment in the middle of your in-person event. While in-person guests love attending long events, those that tune in remotely usually prefer a shorter timeframe.
  • Core content: Core content should include your auction, donation goal, and key presentations. Be sure to offer a few interactive options as well!
  • Fun: Use your imagination and make it fun! Consider your event timeline from both perspectives so all guests, whether in-person or livestream, have a seamless experience.

How do we handle the technical side?

When you’re offering a livestream—particularly when it’s a ticketed livestream of a live, in-person fundraising party—you may want to use an experienced audio-visual team to make sure the technology runs smoothly. Or you can choose to handle your livestream yourself with a few easy tips. Either way:

  • Look to your network. You don’t necessarily need to hire a professional, as long as you have a dedicated team and they know how to use the equipment. Someone on your board, staff, or list of key supporters may have developed great expertise doing livestreams for their place of worship or business. Running AV could be as simple as using a GoPro!

  • Think outside the box. It might be worth approaching an AV business as a potential event sponsor. Perhaps they would be willing to offer discounted pricing in exchange for publicity and advertising before, during, and after your event.

  • Be sure to practice and test in advance! Even though you’re livestreaming an in-person event, be sure to test your equipment and do a run-through before the event.

How do we keep guests engaged at a hybrid fundraising party?

Keeping guests interested and involved in your event is critical for both in-person and livestream audiences. With a parallel event, it’s also key to help the two audiences interact with each other!

  • Use photos. When your livestream starts, feature hashtagged pictures of the livestream guests on the big screen so in-person guests know who is watching from home and everyone stays engaged.
  • Do interviews. Do short on-the-spot interviews of in-person guests for the livestream at times when there isn’t a big stage activity going on.

  • Stay in the moment. Be creative with real time, interactive activities that both in-person and livestream guests can enjoy. Use Qtego’s vote, Instabuy, and chat features to play games, run polls, or ask trivia questions.

How can we keep track of all this?

With Qtego, you use the same Dashboard to manage the in-person and livestream sides of your event. It’s just one more way to streamline your event so you can deliver the same high-quality experience to in-person and livestream guests.

  • View. Control the feature view for livestream guests to make the experience simple and dynamic. Livestream guests participate without having to click or go back and forth

  • Monitor. Monitor Qtego Chat to keep all guests—regardless of location—engaged.

  • Get help. Take advantage of Qtego Remote Event Supervisors to make it even easier on you and your staff.

Ready to reimagine your fundraising party to a hybrid fundraising event?

From brainstorming to troubleshooting to virtual event service, Qtego is part of your team. We combine technical savvy with expert creativity to help you raise money for your cause in a rapidly changing environment. The world needs your work. Qtego can help.