Hosting a successful silent auction takes a lot of work. Planning the event, handling the venue, working with vendors, and coordinating auction items are just a start. Once you add in reams of paper ballots, confusion over results, interminable registration lines, bottlenecks at checkout, and hit-or-miss payments, you’re lucky to make it through the event in one piece!

Hosting a successful silent auction doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

What if you could outsource the headaches while making your event more fun, higher impact, and dramatically more successful? When you partner with Qtego, you can.

Qtego makes it easier.

You love planning events, but paper-based silent auctions can be a real hassle in the moment. Qtego’s easy process makes your life so much easier. We customize our mobile bidding technology for your organization and event and it’s rock solid . Our team is on hand during the event, so you don’t have to worry about glitches and downtime. And our team supplements your staff—helping guests with questions and providing concierge service from start to finish. From enabling pre-registration to simplifying check-in and check-out, Qtego makes hosting a successful silent auction so much simpler.

Qtego makes it fun.

Qtego’s mobile bidding technology is intuitive and fun for your guests. Donors build their personal connection to your cause while enjoying themselves more, giving more, and staying engaged with your programming. And when you don’t have to deal with lines and paper and tallying results—because all of that is handled online and in real-time—you can relax and enjoy your event too!

Qtego makes it a rousing success.

When it’s all said and done, you’ll have happier guests , a less stressed out staff , more engaged donors, and better profits. You’ll wonder why you ever thought hosting a successful silent auction was anything but a dream!

Let’s talk about how Qtego can make your life easier and make your silent auction more successful. Contact us any time to learn more, and feel free to request a free, personalized, no strings attached demo so you can see what Qtego’s technology would look like for your organization. You’re going to love this!