You’ve heard of silent auction companies offering text bidding, mobile apps, and other auction technology, but you wonder if it will really work for your donors. Will older guests be able to use it? Will it fit your organization? Will auction technology really raise profits enough to pay for itself?

With Qtego the answer is a resounding YES.

Auction Technology Anyone Can Use

Almost all of your clientele have cell phones, and the vast majority are smartphones. Qtego’s mobile and text bidding platform is simple, intuitive, and fun. And guests can use our smart, intuitive online platform from any internet-capable device, either instead of or in addition to their phone. Just about any guest—of any age—can easily use Qtego’s system to register, bid, donate, checkout, and pay. And for those few guests who don’t have phones or aren’t comfortable using them? Qtego’s awesome concierge service team  works alongside your event staff to make sure things run smoothly, provide assistance to guests, and even walk individual donors through the process step-by-step. Everyone has more fun with Qtego!

How Text Bidding Boosts Success

When guests can quickly bid and donate on their phones—seeing real-time results on the big screen and engaging in friendly competition with other guests—profits go up. Text bidding makes it easier for guests to bid without leaving the main event, and avoids the confusion of lines, paper, and lengthy check-outs. With Qtego text bidding, mobile platform, and customized smart site, the whole event goes more smoothly, guests have more fun, and happier guests  are more generous and more engaged with your cause.

Build Connection With Customized Auction Technology

Other silent auction companies may offer mobile or text bidding, but only Qtego has rock solid tech and customized auction technology that builds connections with your donors. From unique fund-a-need meters to seamless branding across devices, Qtego makes sure that each interaction increases your exposure and fosters engagement with your guests.

The Silent Auction Company That Delivers Results

When it comes to fundraising, Qtego’s auction technology delivers results. If you want simple solutions that anyone can use, happier guests, and higher profits, you need Qtego.

We’d love to show you how text bidding would work with your event. Give us a call  and we’ll give you a personalized demo—with no cost and absolutely no obligation. We’re that sure we can meet your needs, and we look forward to partnering with you to serve your cause!