Fundraising ideas for non-profits are a dime a dozen, but you know that’s not enough to ensure success. The most unique theme, best guest list, and perfect venue are only part of the equation.

Which non-profit fundraiser idea will really work?

The key to a successful fundraiser is guest excitement—leading up to, during, and after your event. Even the greatest planning can’t overcome the frustration of paper bidding, the hassle of long lines, or the disconnect between an auction, donations, and entertainment. Your guests care about your cause—but are they really enjoying themselves? As you plan your event, keep your ideal guest experience in mind.

Mobile bidding makes any theme better.

Watch Qtego in Action!

Qtego’s mobile bidding technology makes any event more fun. Guests can register, view auction items, bid by text, connect to fund-a-need campaigns, checkout, pay, and more—all from their phones. Any internet-capable device can access Qtego’s smart site, and guest activity synchronizes between sites, allowing even more opportunities for engagement. Seamless integration between guest phones and your big screen, including real-time updates, generates excitement and friendly competition. Mobile bidding takes the hassle out of auctions and fund-a-need giving, and balances the serious opportunity to give back with the fun of an easy, intuitive game-like experience.

Connect your guests to the bigger picture.

With mobile bidding, your guests not only have a good time, they also stay engaged with your cause in a more personal and long-lasting way. Each point of connection—from registration to follow-up—builds your donors’ involvement with your organization, and engaged guests are more inspired to give.

Qtego boosts results.

Happier guests are more generous guests. Time after time, we’ve seen organizations raise more money by using mobile bidding and our customized websites and big screen displays. From the excitement of text and mobile bidding to the inspiring real-time graphics on the big screen, Qtego’s technology drives profitable and successful fundraising events.

Looking for more fundraising ideas for non-profits? Let’s talk about how customized technology can take your organization’s event to the next level!